scarlet_city (scarlet_city) wrote in the_horrors,

A question of layouts

To start: Hi there, fellow fans, I'm Kagerou. Pleased to meet you! :)

I was looking through the backissues archives of the comm, and I noticed that this layout doesn't make use of tags. It strikes me that tags would be an extremely useful thing to have in a comm like this, especially when you have many people who seek the unreleased tracks such as A Knife In Their Eye or No Love Lost, etc, but each post that has a request has a different mix of songs needed. So why not use tags to explain the content of each post? 

So I have posted to say, would a moderator or maintainer like to refashion the layout to use tags? I would be happy to do it myself, at that. Oh, and I would be happy to add tags to old posts, though I'm not sure if that is even possible in a comm. Just a thought.

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